Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Audio: Taxi Driver [Soundtrack] [Import]

Just caught on Amazon, Taxi Driver Soundtrack. Bernard Herrmann's classic soundtrack conducted by Herrmann and Dave Blume has 18 tracks from the Martin Scorsese's timeless masterpiece, Taxi Driver. The tracks include the famous theme from taxi driver and my favorites, .44 Magnum is A Monster and Diray of a Taxi Driver. Plus, the cool looking retro album cover is a big reason for buying the CD with closed eyes.

Audio CD
Price: $14

Monday, February 27, 2006

Books: The American Film Institute Desk Reference

The Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know about the Movies is a must-have for any movie fan. At 608 pages, this guide has an introduction by Clint Eastwood and is edited by Melinda Corey and George Ochoa. Being a movie fan I not only love what's on the screen but everything that goes behind making the movie. With an essay by none other than Scorsese himself I am but going to have this little book on my shelf asap.

Hardcover: 608 Pages
Price: $27

Books: This is Orson Welles

I love Orson Welles. Apart from being one of the greatest film makers cinema ever saw he also figures on no. 2 on my favorite film makers' list. This is Orson Welles is a collection of conversations between Orson Welles and Peter Bogdanovich. The book is a must-have for Orson Welles' fans since it gives mucho insight on the film maker including the radio days and the great success of Citizen Kane. This is Orson Welles just for $17, makes a damn worthy gift for any 23rd July of my life.

Hardcover: 549 Pages
Price: $17